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Can users open files created from apps powered by the Creative SDK on their desktop/laptop computer?

Yes, they can!

There are two ways that the Creative SDK can generate files that may be opened by their end users.

The first is to store a file in the user’s Creative Cloud Assets. The Creative SDK provides an API to write files directly to an authenticated user’s Assets directory. At that point the user can download it from the Creative Cloud web site or via the desktop integration feature.

The API also supports a SendtoDesktop feature that - for supported formats - send binary data directly to a user’s Photoshop or Illustrator application. This bypasses the file system and opens the data as a new asset directly within the appropriate program. The user can then save that as a file on their file system.

Note: The SendToDesk feature currently only sends a UIImage.  Other formats may be available in future releases.  Download the Adobe Sketch app and Adobe Line app from the Apple Apps Store to see this feature in action.

Please see Using the Creative SDK with Files for technical details and implementation tips.


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