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How can I pull an asset from Creative Cloud to my app using the Creative SDK Asset Browser?

The AdobeAssetLibrary contains three dictionary properties:
NSDictionary *colors;
NSDictionary *colorThemes;
NSDictionary *images;
The dictionary keys are IDs and the values are AdobeAssetLibraryItems of the appropriate type (i.e., AdobeAssetLibraryItemColor, AdobeAssetLibraryItemColorTheme, and AdobeAssetLibraryItemImage).
The asset has everything that was in the original file.
The AdobeSelectionLibraryAsset has corresponding arrays containing the IDs of the items that were selected:
NSArray *selectedColorIDs;
NSArray *selectedColorThemeIDs;
NSArray *selectedImageIDs
AdobeSelectionLibraryAsset subclasses AdobeSelection. The AdobeSelection class has a "selectedItem" property that is the AdobeAssetLibrary.  Since we only support single selection currently, only one of the arrays will be non-NULL and not empty.  Thus, the only item that would return in the success block is an AdobeSelectionLibraryAsset, with the selected item being an AdobeAssetLibrary.
Developer can get the ID and pull the corresponding “item” from the AdobeAssetLibrary dictionary above by checking the class type, then typecast the item into an AdobeSelectionLibraryAsset and get access to the dictionaries containing the library's items.              


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