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postData and postURL deprecation for the Aviary Web SDK

The `postUrl` and `postData` parameters for the Web SDK are being deprecated. This means that when a save is triggered in the editor, we will no longer be POSTing the new url to your configured endpoints. If you’ve been exclusively using the `onSave` Javascript callback, this should not effect your integration.

If you have been using the `postUrl` and `postData` parameters, please migrate your application to use the `onSave` JavaScript callback instead. This function is called in the browser when a save is triggered, and can be used to POST the new url to your own servers using Ajax, or some other method. For more details about onSave, please visit

Additionally, now that Aviary is part of the Adobe Family, the Photo Editor SDK is no longer being maintained through For a current version of the SDK, please migrate to the Creative SDK using our simple migration guide, which can be found here.

If you have any questions about this integration, please let us know by submitting a question on the Creative SDK help page. Please title your ticket as "postData and postURL deprecation".

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