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How to complete the High Resolution Client ID Request form

This article goes over how to apply for a High Resolution-enabled Client ID.

Who Needs a High Resolution-enabled Client ID: Developers integrating the Creative SDK Image Editing Component on Web, who would like full resolution.

For our mobile partners: Developers integrating the Creative SDK Image Editing Component on iOS or Android do not need High Resolution-enabled Client IDs. High resolution can be enabled in your integration by following the High Resolution guide: iOS, Android.

Fees: High Resolution is free on Web for up to 1 million high resolution edits per month. If you think you will exceed this number, please let us know in the “Additional Information” field in the request form. You can find more information on pricing in this article.

When to apply: You can apply for a High Resolution-enabled Client ID while testing, or after your integration is live in your app. We accept applications for High Resolution with Client IDs that are in Development mode and Production mode. You should have a Production mode ID if your app is live - to find out more on how to get your Client ID approved Production mode, check out this Production ID Request article.

How to apply: The steps below will take you through the High Resolution Web Request:

Finding the High Resolution Request form: there are two ways that you can find the Request form.

    1. In this article:
    2. go to, and click “Submit an Issue”. Several types of issues will appear. Please scroll to and select “High Resolution Web Request”.

Completing the High Resolution Request form: Once you have reached the High Resolution Web Request form, it is important that you complete all of the fields. Leaving some of the fields empty will slow down the approval process, and may temporarily put your application at risk of being rejected. Here are instructions for all of the necessary fields.


    1. “Your email address”: include the email address associated with your developer account.
    2. “Company name”: include the name of the Company that you are representing, and that owns the product the Creative SDK is being integrated into.
    3. “Website Description”: In a sentence or two, please describe the main function of your app or website. Please include some detail! For example, if your website deals with photos, you should provide information on what your website allows users to do with photos.
    4. “Client ID”: Include the Client ID of the application that you would like to get High Resolution enabled. You can find this Client ID by going to “My apps” in the developer dashboard.
    5. “Link to Website”: Provide a link to the webpage where the Creative SDK is being integrated into directly. If your website is not live, please provide a link to a test page.
    6. “How many monthly active users do you have?”: Please tell us approximately how many people use your services on a monthly basis.
    7. “Additional Information”: If there is anything else about your Creative SDK integration or website that would be useful for the Creative SDK team to know about, please let us know! If you think you will exceed 1 million high resolution edits per month, please use this field to let us know.
    8. “Screenshots”: Our team requires a few screenshots to review your integration. Please include screenshots that show the following User Interface elements:
      1. How does a user access the Creative SDK tools? If there is a screen that shows a button users press to access the Creative SDK tool, please show us that screen!
      2. How does the Creative SDK component you are integrating appear in your application’s User Interface?
      3. Branding: Do you include Creative Cloud, Behance, or Creative Cloud Market icons in your app? Do you refer to the Adobe or Creative Cloud brand in your app? If you do, please send over images of this branding in your User Interface.


Multiple Requests: You should submit a High Resolution request for each Client ID that you are using. If you are integrating the Creative SDK in several websites, it is important that you use distinct Client IDs for each website.


Enabling High Resolution in Your Integration: Once you have your key enabled for high resolution by someone on the Creative SDK team, you will need to make a few changes to your integration. You can find information here:

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