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Migrating from Monolithic Foundation Framework to Framework Breakup (v0.11.2118+)

In version 0.11.2118 of the Creative SDK for iOS, we’ve broken the Foundation framework into Micro frameworks so that developers can include only the pieces that they need, thereby reducing the size of their binary. The AdobeCreativeSDKFoundation framework has been divided into the following frameworks:

  • AdobeCreativeSDKCore
  • AdobeCreativeSDKCommonUX
  • AdobeCreativeSDKAppLibraryUX
  • AdobeCreativeSDKAssetModel
  • AdobeCreativeSDKAssetUX
  • AdobeCreativeSDKMarketUX

Same as all Creative SDK update, all frameworks and resource bundles must be from the same version of the Creative SDK for your app to run properly.  Before migrating to the new frameworks, please remove the previous version of the Creative SDK from your project completely.   They must be deleted from the Project Navigator, the Build Phases : Link Binary With Libraries and the Build Phases : Copy Bundle Resources.

Another new dependency is needed for the project to compile properly, unless you are importing specific header file, instead of the master header file from each framework.  Without the new preprocessor macro, the compile will not able to find the proper header file and will result to a "file not found" error at the import statement.

The new preprocessor macro is "USE_CSDK_COMPONENTS=1" and should be added to Build Settings : Apple LLVM : Preprocessor Macros.

Please visit the Framework Dependencies guide for a table describing the new Framework Dependencies in this build.

You can read more about the Framework breakup on our blog or learn more about the integration directly from the code in the integration guide and sample apps.

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