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Why is my Web SDK request returns "Encryption method not supported" error?

For every request, we expect the following parameters:

apiKey: [ string ] get your API key by creating a new web app here.

salt: [ string ] randomly generated string. This must be unique for every save. We recommend a GUID. See Signature Generation Example below.

timestamp: [ string ] a UNIX timestamp used to validate the signature. This will be the number of seconds since the EPOCH.

encryptionMethod: [ string ] supports sha1

signature: [ string ] signatures are generated by concatinating your api_key, api_secret, timestamp, and salt parameters, and hashing them using the sha1 encryptionMethod.


           signature = sha1(api_key+api_secret+timestamp+salt)

The server will return an error when the required parameter(s) missing from the request.  You can visit and goto section 2 for more detail.

And use this test page to verify your signatures.

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