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AssetModel framework build error in Creative SDK for iOS Build v.0.12.2127 due to missing dependency of the CommonUX framework

In the Creative SDK for iOS Build v.0.12.2127, the AdobeCreativeSDKAssetModel framework depends on the AdobeCreativeSDKCommonUX.framework and bundle along with other dependency it has before.  This additional dependency is temporary and should not be needed in the next Creative SDK.

The complete setup for the Creative SDK AdobeCreativeSDKAssetModel framework is as follow.


The following configuration settings are required for this framework:

  1. Add -ObjC as a linker flag in Build Settings/Linking/Other Linker Flags.
  2. In Build Phases, expand Copy Bundle Resources, click the + button, select “Add Other” and select the following bundles:
    • AdobeCreativeSDKCore.framework/Resources/AdobeCreativeSDKCoreResources.bundle
    • AdobeCreativeSDKCommonUX.framework/Resources/AdobeCreativeSDKCommonUXResources.bundle
    • AdobeCreativeSDKAssetModel.framework/Resources/AdobeCreativeSDKAssetModelResources.bundle
  3. In Build Phases, Link Binary with Libraries, add the following:
    • AdobeCreativeSDKCore.framework
    • AdobeCreativeSDKCommonUX.framework
    • AdobeCreativeSDKAssetModel.framework
  4. In the same area, add the following libraries:
    • MobileCoreServices.framework
    • SystemConfiguration.framework
    • libc++.dylib
    • libz.dylib
  5. In Build Settings, Apple LLVM 7.0 - Preprocessing, add USE_CSDK_COMPONENTS to the Preprocessor Macros.
  6. Also in Build Settings, add the path to the Creative SDK in the Framework Search Paths.  Without the path there will result to "Framework not found ... linker command failed with exit code 1" error.


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