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Getting Additional Content for the Image Editor (iOS and Android)

**Note:** this article relates to an older version of the Creative SDK only (v0.9.7) only.

On iOS and Android, you can now offer your Image Editor users access to Additional Content packs of:

  • effects
  • frames
  • stickers
  • overlays

These Additional Content packs can be downloaded and synced via the user's Adobe ID. 

Note: it is not possible to create your own original Additional Content packs at this time. All Additional Content packs are created by Adobe.


  • Login: The Adobe ID login functionality is built in to the Image Editor with no additional code required.
  • Logout: Adobe ID logout must be implemented by the developer. In some cases, this can be done in just a few lines of code. We will provide example code for logout.
  • Production ID: The app's client ID must be approved for production status by Adobe for this functionality to work in a public app.

Sign up for the Additional Content feature

You can sign up for Additional Content here. Access will be approved on an individual basis.

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