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Deprecating ClientID

We are introducing our new more secure authentication in the Creative SDK for all platforms. 

Starting November 2nd, Client IDs and Client Secrets will be replaced by API Keys and API Secrets. This means that you will need to register a new Integration before updating to the latest version of the Creative SDK.   Complete instruction for app registration for API Key can be found in the Why and how to register my app KB article.

The old My App page is now replaced with the Adobe I/O integration page. Any new app registered from the Adobe I/O page will receive an API Key, Client Secret, and RedirectURI/URL.

Client IDs generated before November 2nd will continue to work with older versions of the Creative SDK (up to iOS v0.14 and Android v0.9) until Sept 3rd, 2017. If your Client ID is in Development Mode still, you will  need to submit a production mode request and have it switched to Production Mode for before it launch. 

Please visits the How to complete the Production Client ID Request KB article for details on how to submit the approval request.


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